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        Welcome to Wenzhou Yixing Machinery Co.,Ltd.!


        ABOUT US

        ABOUT US

        Wenzhou Yixing Machinery Co.,LTD is located in wengzhou city zhejiang province.We Specialized in manufacturing air bubble film machine,PE laminating machine,multifuction bubble bags making machine,and other plastic packing machine,Products are approved by CE certification. lt is ainnovative enterprises which integrate research and development,production.And the products are Hot sale to overseas markets.In the last ten years,we arekeeping innovation, revolution,revolution,instance,updating technology,so we can be the leader in air bubble film machine field At present.


        2021.04.13-04.16 2021China plas exhibition

        感謝您長期以來對 溫州市億海機械有限公司的支持和信任。Thank you for your

        感謝您長期以來對 溫州市億海機械有限公司的支持和信任。Thank you for your

        2019 SWOP packaging machinery exhibition in Shangh